KB PCS PFPC Suburbia is an opinion blog created and maintained by Kara, a work-at-home wife and mother of two, consultant, writer, Starbucks addict, pastry chef, grammar nerd, equality advocate, and critical thinker on a mission to create positive change by expanding narrow-minded views of societal issues and current events. As a writer, she is open-minded, highly opinionated, politically moderate, forward-thinking, and diplomatic. No topic is safe from scrutiny – from social media ignorance to political debates, and workplace issues to drivers who don’t know how to park, Kara is a general in the war against ignorance and douche-baggery. In her free time, she loves to read, bake, and watch reruns of 90s sitcoms. She firmly believes that knowledge is power, and is constantly working to expand her mind as well as the minds of others.




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